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New release of Speed Bid for eBay

October 18, 2006

We have anew maintainance release for Speed Bid for eBay. 

New release of Dupe Eliminator for iTunes

October 18, 2006

We have made some small yet useful enhancements to our popular Dupe Eliminator for iTunes product.  Some of the new features are:

  • Original criteria : play count – new dupe criteria setting to help determine which song is kept as the original.
  • play count and track # displayed – added new column of information to main window display.
  •  font control – for controlling the font of the main window display
  • delete preview – can now preiew the delete process before it is done.
  • user interface enhancements such as tabs – better organized user interface.

New release of Web Access for iTunes

October 18, 2006

We have release a new version of Web Access for iTunes, our tool that allows you to remotely access and play anything in your iTunes Music Library using any browser.

Version 2.0 adds new exciting features:

  • playlists – you now can play any of your Music library playlist in addition to a new one, Library, which contains everything in your library.
  • skins – to control how the Music Library web page looks in your browser. You can change this at any time and the setting is saved as a cookie in your browser so that it is picked up when you revisit the web page.
  • new embedded player – we are now using a new embedded player which uses Windows Media Player. We will be changing this again in the near future to a Flash Player to that any OS running a browser can use it.
  • better song caching – smarter song caching is done by the Web Access web server to allow for increased performance.