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New LibZIP 2.5 for iTunes…

January 24, 2008

A new version of LibZIP for iTunes 2.5, has been released.  This version has some new unZIP and ZIP options.

unZIP options: automatically add tracks to iTunes, unzip from share folder (file transfers)
ZIP options:  share after ZIP

New Dupe Eliminator 4.8 for iTunes version….

January 9, 2008

A new version of Dupe Eliminator for iTunes, 4.8 has been released.

This new version adds a display column for song file location. Song file location specifies the full path of the song music file on disk. The column is sortable.


New version of Speed Bid – 2.5

January 8, 2008

A new version of Speed Bid has been released – 2.5

This release fixes some update bugs and adds some new featues like showing status in the application title and system tray when the application is minimized.