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Library Switcher 1.1 for iTunes released

June 20, 2008

Library Switcher 1.1 for iTunes has been released with these new features:

  • scanning your hard drive for libraries
  • library selection from a list or by browsing.

Library Switcher 1.0 for iTunes released

June 5, 2008

A new application, Library Switcher for iTunes, has been released.

The application is used to easily switch between and create multiple iTunes Music Libraries.

Dupe Eliminator 5.4 for iTunes released

June 5, 2008

A new version of the popular iTunes tool Dupe Eliminator has been released.  The new version adds some new functionilty at the request of some of our customers.  The new functionality:

  • Auto re-scan control: turn off automatic re-scan of your iTunes Music Library after removing entries (duplicates or dead links).
  • Ability to remove entries from the display only.  Ths allows the user to remove a displayed row from the display only and does not remove the entry from the iTunes Music Library.   Use right-mouse button 2 pop-up menu or the Edit menu.