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iPlayAnywhere 8.0 for iTunes released

March 19, 2009

A new version of iPlayAnywhere for iTunes has been released which add the following new features:

Ability to access additional media from iPlayAnywhere…

  • accessing your pictures – ‘My Pictures’
  • accessing your documents – ‘My Documents’
  • accessing your web documents – ‘My Web Documents’
  • accessing other files – ‘Other Stuff’



iBoxOffice for the iPhone released

March 13, 2009

iBoxOffice 1.1 for the iPhone has been released and is available from the iPhone Application Store on iTunes.   iBoxOffice is the fastest way to find the weekend top 10 movie box office on your iPhone.

  • Movie listings of the weekend top 10 box office for the current week.
  • Opening This Week information on new movies coming out.
  • Coming Soon information on movies opening in the near future.
  • Movie descriptions with release date, genre, running time, ratings, director, 
    cast, critic and user reviews, total box office and more…

iboxoffice-screenshot1  iboxoffice-screenshot2  iboxoffice-screenshot3