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iMeasurer 1.0 for the iPhone

July 8, 2009

Is used to quickly measure from one location to another and map your current location.  Shown in feet, miles and meters.  Available at


  • Map features layered on top of a satellite image
  • When measuring, distance is displayed
  • Latitude of current location is always displayed
  • Longitude of current location is always displayed
  • Altitude of current location is always displayed
  • GPS signal strength indicator
  • Map zoom
  • Small and large map display mode
  • Map pinch and swipe motions used for zoom in, zoom out and pan


iMapMe 1.0 for the iPhone

July 8, 2009

Displays a satellite image of your current location with detailed feature information such as roads and pools layered on top.

Multiple views provide control of the features you display quickly and easily.


  • Display current location address
  • Large hybrid satellite image and map of your current location.
  • Globe View shows our location on the globe.
  • Street View shows road and road name information.
  • My View shows very detailed features such as pools.
  • Pinch and swipe controls for zooming in and out and panning.
  • GPS signal strength meter
  • GPS signal strobe indicating actively receiving from satellite.


iBoxOffice 1.5 for the iPhone

July 8, 2009

Adds entertainment new and top 50 domestic box office.


  • Top 10 movies at the Box Office for the current week
  • Movies opening this week
  • Movies coming soon
  • Fan and critic movie reviews
  • Movie descriptions with release date, genre, running time, ratings, director,
    cast, critic and user reviews, total box office and more…
  • New version of product is available Entertainment news
  • New version of product is available Top 50 domestic box office
  • Box office history for last month saved to iBoxOffice settings.
  • Details setting which displays large movie thumbnails and movie descriptions.