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iPlayAnywhere 9.2 for iTunes released

January 29, 2010

iPlayAnywhere 9.2 for iTunes has been released and provides fixes for using Internet Explorer.

iPlayAnywhere works with IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and mobile Safari. Additionally, there is the iPlayAnywhere iPhone app.

iPlayAnywhere 9.1 for iTunes

January 5, 2010

iPlayAnywhere 9.1 for iTunes has been released which adds:

  • support for iTunes radio streams in a playlists

To use this simple, copy an iTunes radio stream, right-mouse button on entry then copy, then paste into the playlist.

The radio streams are supported bby iPlayAnywhere for iTunes using a browser and iPlayAnywhere for the iPhone.

iBoxOffice 1.9 for the iPhone released

January 3, 2010

iBoxOffice for the iPhone now includes Rotten Tomatoes TomatoMeter ratings for the top 10 movies.