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PepprGallery 5.0 – new photo toolbox for easier photo editing while you browse.

January 21, 2014

PepprGallery is a beautiful fun way to explore, edit and share your photos. Our powerful photo explorer (days, months or albums), paired with powerful and easy to use tools, will give you the look you want in seconds. 4.5/5 star review.

Your photos are organized by day, month or by album name in the order you desire. The Photo Toolbox provides 16 powerful to edit your creations: Enhance, Effects, Frames, Stickers, Focus, Orientation, Crop, Adjust, Sharpness, Splash, Draw, Text, Redeye, Whiten, Blemish and Meme.

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3 Enhance tools, 13 Effects tools, 13 Frames tools, 25 Stickers tools, 2 Focus tools, 4 Orientation tools, 8 Crop tools, 4 Adjust tools, Sharpness tool, 3 Splash tools, Draw tool, Text tool, 6 Redeye tools, , 6 Blemish tools and 2 Meme tools.
Need to adjust a photo quickly by rotating, cropping or applying a filter or effect? Use the photo toolbox which contains tools for all your editing needs.

When a Photo Toolbox edit is applied and accepted, a new photo for the result is saved to your Photo Album. The original is always kept untouched.

Share your photos using Message, Email, Twitter or Facebook. Save to photos, copy clipboard or print to an AirPrint printer.

Tags can be added to photo days or albums. The added tagged are searchable and add an extra displayed meta description for days and albums.

Photo days and albums can be tagged to allow for easy search and meta descriptions.

Photos can be shown by days newest to oldest, days oldest to newest, days most to fewest, days fewest to most, album name alphabetical, album name reverse alphabetical, album name most to fewest and album name fewest to most. For days photo creation date is used. For most to fewest and the reverse, photo count is used.

Photos for today indicated with ‘today’ stamp. Settings control animation speed (fast, slow, slow-mo), full-screen swipe effect (curl, scroll, flip) and open at random photo.

When displaying by creation date, your new photos for today are easy to find as they are shown first in their own photo book.

See all dates or album names that have available photos and switch to a specific date or album to see the associated photos.

mText2Speech iOS mobile app — text to speech and auto language translate

January 21, 2014

Easy text to speech processing with auto language translation — great for traveling or learning a language.  Over 500 language locales.  Even share an MP3 audio file of the spoken text.

New Speaking Notepad for easy entry of multi-line translations.  Just enter and listen to hear the translations.   When you exist the Notepad you can decide whether to use the Notepad translations or note.

For iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.  Purchase once and use on all devices.