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iMySystem iOS app – all the systems details for your device

January 27, 2015

Your system information at a glance.  Over 60 pieces of information covering the areas: System, Memory, Network, Location, Media, folder and Process information.    Any  area’s information can be copied to the clipboard for your own use.  

You also can copy or share all of your System information.  NEW Network Speed for Network Information, New Photos and New Videos details for Media Information and SIM details for Device information.

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iMapMe iOS app – lets you save and find your favorites places easily

January 27, 2015

iMapMe iOS app lets you save and find your favorites places easily.

Map your current location and use a wide variety of views for zooming in and out to get different perspectives.    Save any locations and load that location later to find it.

Find a specific address and map on your display, save any displayed location, load any saved location, get directions or distance from your current location to a loaded or found location.

Share the location information and map easily.   Default is to view using Apple map and can also view in Google maps, if desire. 

Use AirPrint to print the map information and details.      

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PhotosShare photo and video sharing between iOS devices

January 27, 2015

PhotosShare easy device to device photo ad video sharing

Easily transfer photos and videos between iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices using Bluetooth with or without any network support. Additionally, can share photos and videos using services such as Facebook, Twitter and Email. Simply select or take photos or videos of the pictures to send then send to another iOS device. Can now select from photos and videos, photos only and videos only.   Also marks new photos and videos. The other device must be running PhotosShare and be in receive mode.   Also share to popular services such as Facebook, Twittter, Email and more

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