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Dupe Eliminator 14.1 for iTunes

September 4, 2013

Dupe Eliminator for iTunes is an intuitive tool to clean iTunes from unwanted duplicates and missing tracks (dead links).   Easy to use yet full-featured Windows maintenance and cleaning solution to clean iTunes.   Reclaim space for your iTunes library.  One of the most popular tools for smartly cleaning your iTunes library.  Includes configurable backup+restore for complete safety.     

It’s easy to accumulate hundreds or thousands of tracks on iTunes but not easy to organize them once you do.  It takes a lot of time to painstakingly go through each and every song, podcast, movie, TV show and audio-book and delete every dead or duplicate file.  Dead tracks or dead links are music library entries who file is corrupted or no longer exists.
[Untitled]With Dupe Eliminator, you’ll never again have to manually slog through thousands of files looking for the tracks that play over and over again, or that maddening dead link to your favorite song that never works. 

[Untitled]Dupe Eliminator makes it simple to distinguish between a duplicate file and the original.    Anyone who has amassed an extensive music collection knows how difficult it is to organize all those files by hand. Who has the patience to painstakingly go through their iTunes library and remove one by one every duplicate and dead file?

[Untitled]If you don’t like the default settings that determine what is a duplicate, Dupe Eliminator provides many “duplicate scan criteria”  settings which let you decide what is a duplicate.  e.g. “Song Name/Album, Song Name/Album/Artist, Song Name/Time, Song Name/Size/Bit-rate are the same and many, many more settings.

[Untitled]Auto-Clean Mode  This automatically finds and removes duplicate files and dead links

[Untitled]Smart Search  This setting makes eliminating files risk-free.  Set your own criteria for finding duplicates so that you never risk deleting files that you want.

[Untitled]Scheduled Search  Don’t let your listening get interrupted.    Set Dupe Eliminator to run overnight or while you sleep.

[Untitled]Dead Tracks  Eliminator  This removes tracks  that won’t play and phantom  tracks that do not link to an  existing file.

[Untitled]UnDelete  Erase something by mistake?  UnDelete can rescue  the lost track and restore it to iTunes

[Untitled]Audio book Support  Organize your audiobooks and delete duplicates there, as well.

[Untitled]You choose which track to keep that has the highest bitrate, or who want the simplest and easiest set up.  Get easy access to commonly used actions such as one-click removal of all duplicates and missing files.

Dupe Eliminator 11.0 for iTunes released

August 2, 2011

A new version of our very popular tools for iTunes Dupe Eliminator has been released.      Dupe Eliminator is used to smartly and safely find duplicates and missing file (links) in your library and cleans up your library.

Dupe Eliminator 11.0 for iTunes adds some news preferences (settings) for startup:   full-screen or windowed and auto-scan on startup.   The preference setting for ‘Song to Keep as the Original Track’ has been moved from the very bottom to a much more useful place after ‘Playlist to Scan’.

Additionally, a new minimal column view is available for display.    Two toolbar button that user do not really use and that take up valuable screen real estate have been removed: sync and iTunes.     iTunes and sync are very easy to get at as Dupe Eliminator automatically keeps iTunes running and minimized in the background.

The dupes duplicates tabs now display a no duplicate content graphic when there are no dupes, no movie dupes, no tv show dupes etc…



Dupe Eliminator 10.1 for iTunes maintenance release…

October 14, 2010

A new version of Dupe Eliminator has been released to fix a bug with finding duplicates in playlists.    In Preferences you can select a specific playlist other than the default iTunes ‘Library’.

There was a bug that occurred when scanning playlists other than the default ‘Library’.   This bug has been fixed in version 10.1

Dupe Eliminator 10.0 for iTunes

September 7, 2010

New release including much faster processing and showing duplicates with originals.

Buy, try or download from

Dupe Eliminator 9.1 for iTunes released

October 16, 2009

A new version of the very popular product Dupe Eliminator for iTunes has been released.

This version, 9.1, includes major enhancements to the user interface mostly including enhanced and new icons for toolbars, menus etc…

The new icons provide a more consistent easy-to-use theme while maintaining the familiarity of previous versions.

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Dupe Eliminator 8.2 for iTunes has been released

August 2, 2009

A maintenance bug fix release of Dupe Eliminator has been released.  This release fixes some minor bugs.  Available at


Dupe Eliminator 8.1 for iTunes released

June 6, 2009

A new version of Dupe Eliminator for iTunes has been released.

New features:

  • Library report visualization – display charts, graphics and visuals describing your iTunes Music Library contents including duplicates, dead links, genres, by year and more…
  • Artwork filter – filter display to show rows with artwork only.
  • New dupe criteria for time


Dupe Eliminator 7.0 for iTunes released

April 9, 2009

A new version of the very popular iTunes tool Dupe Eliminator has been released with the following updates:

  • Library Report – a new tab has been added which displays a quick report on your library 
  • Alternative media player – the default alternative media player to iTune is VLC but you can provide your own
  • Log viewer – easy selection and viewing of any of your log files.


Dupe Eliminator 6.5 for iTunes released

February 12, 2009

A new version of Dupe Eliminator has been released that adds the following new features:

  • Display filter for showing specific results.  Very easy to switch between filtered and all results.  Filters are automatically saved.
    e.g. show only results containing the text:  ‘AC/DC’.
  • Dupe criteria using size can now specify a size range.
    e.g. 10 MB to 100 MB.   This allows for defining specific size tracks you are interested in when checking for duplicates.

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Dupe Eliminator 6.2 for iTunes released

January 1, 2009

A maintenance release of our popular Dupe Eliminator for iTunes product has been released.  

This release includes:

  • Added more informative user error messages when run out of disk space backing up deleted tracks.
  • Dupe Eliminator Tray fixes for Vista – fix starting Dupe Eliminator from tray.