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CoffeeFind for Starbucks iOS mobile app

May 6, 2014

CoffeeFind locates the nearest coffee shop near you or any location in the world. Just launch the app and see your nearest coffee shop or search for specific address.

Apple App Store


• Find coffee shops, directions, coffee shop hours and amenities around you.

• Coffee shops nearby are shown on a map with pins. • On map can move to new location search from there. • Shows distance from your location (or a location you choose) to any coffee shop. • Shows coffee shop name, address, current status (open or closed) and phone number. • On the iPhone, selecting the phone number will make a call to the coffee shop. • Open coffee shop location on Apple Maps, Google Maps, Bing Maps or Waze and get directions. Use Share icon to get directions or share. • Search locally or around the world for any coffee shop you want. Includes almost 21,000 coffee shops in 63 countries.

Universal mobile app for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch.  Buy once and use on all your devices.

PepprGallery iOS mobile app

April 25, 2013

We are very happy to release your new photo exploration and processing app PepprGallery.

PepprGallery App Website

PepprGallery is a beautiful fun new way to explore your photo library on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Photos are organized by the date you created them or by their album name for quick photo discovery. Need to adjust a photo quickly such as rotate, filter or a special effect?

Use the toolbox of over 55 effects and filters plus a photo editor. Share easily using Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and many more services.   New month by month calendar for accessing photos.


StreamTunes 11.2 for iTunes

November 17, 2011

New version of StreamTunes for iTunes with bult-in HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) video server.    Live streaming of MPEG videos to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.


PhotosShare 2.4 mobile app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch released…

July 9, 2011

A new version of the PhotosShare mobile app has been released.    This release adds support for Dropbox, Flickr, MobileMe and email.

The additional services (Dropbox, Flickr, MobileMe and email) can be turned on or off using the in-app settings or the Settings app.

Additionally, when sharing using email, the photos can be zipped and an optional html index added to the zip.

If the html index is added to the zip, when the full file is unzipped the index.html file index can be used to view the contents.

The app is available at the iTunes AppStore at:

iMySystem 4.0 mobile app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch released

July 9, 2011

A new version of the universal iOS app iMySystem 4.0  for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch has been released.

The new version add number of processor and free disk space.


iMySystem 3.8 mobile app released

May 20, 2011

A new version of the universal iOS app iMySystem 3.8  for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch has been released.

The new version updates the top summary status area to make it more reable and to include free disk space.


StreamTunes 5.7 mobile app released

May 20, 2011

A new version of the universal iOS app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch iStreamTunes has been released.  The new version brings the displays for the iPhone up to the same detail level as the iPad.


In-app settings added to iMySystem, PhotosShare and StreamTunes mobile apps

March 24, 2011

Use of the great open source in app settings kit ( has been added to three of our mobile apps.




Use of inappsettingskit allows for bringing up setting for the app within the app.    So now settings for these three apps are

easily available and much easier to use.

New app settings in PhotosShare and iMySystem mobile apps

March 14, 2011

New in app settings for PhotosShare:



StreamTunes 5.1 mobile app released

March 14, 2011

StreamTunes now supports .doc, PDF, XLS, RTF,iWork, TXT & CSV documents. Documents can be viewed & printed.