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iBoxOffice 2.4 for the iPhone

April 27, 2010

A maintenance release that fixes Rotten Tomatoes  view images.

iBoxOffice 1.9 for the iPhone released

January 3, 2010

iBoxOffice for the iPhone now includes Rotten Tomatoes TomatoMeter ratings for the top 10 movies.

iBoxOffice 1.7 for the iPhone released

August 24, 2009

iBoxOffice 1.7 for the iPhone has been released.   The user interface has been redesigned and is much easier to use.  Available at

The new features are:

  • tabbed-based interface
  • entertainment news and top 50 box office have been removed since neither are used much and the top 50 is not always up-todate.


iBoxOffice 1.5 for the iPhone

July 8, 2009

Adds entertainment new and top 50 domestic box office.


  • Top 10 movies at the Box Office for the current week
  • Movies opening this week
  • Movies coming soon
  • Fan and critic movie reviews
  • Movie descriptions with release date, genre, running time, ratings, director,
    cast, critic and user reviews, total box office and more…
  • New version of product is available Entertainment news
  • New version of product is available Top 50 domestic box office
  • Box office history for last month saved to iBoxOffice settings.
  • Details setting which displays large movie thumbnails and movie descriptions.


iBoxOffice 1.4 for the iPhone released

April 28, 2009

iBoxOffice 1.4 for he iPhone has been released and adds the following new features:

  • Movie reviews
  • Box Office history saved to iBoxOffice settings
  • Settings details mode to display large thumbnails and movie description