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New release of Visualizer for iTunes

August 22, 2008

We have released a new bug fix version: Visualizer 2.1 for iTunes.

This version fixes some errors in building visualizations that could cause the visualization to not be displayed.

New Visualizer 2.0 for iTunes

December 4, 2007

A new version of Visualizer for iTunes has been released.  This release adds a major new visualization as the new default visualization: Live Graph – artist/album/tracks.

This visual can be search, moved, interacted with and most importantly the tracks can be played with a simple double-click.

Searching allows searching the live graph for an artist, an album or a specific track.

Browsing allows for sampling live graph tracks (play 10 seconds, 30 seconds whatever of each track starting with this album etc…)    Browsing can also play the full track if you desire…


New version of Visualizer for iTunes – version 1.5

October 19, 2007

Visualizer 1.5 for iTunes add some nice new features including:

  • new playlist visualization (now the default)
  • double-clicking a bar or chart now display a pop-up menu from which can select to play first track or play a specific track. If play a specific track, a window with all the associated tracks is show.
  • new 3D bar and chart mode
  • new horizontal and vertical orientation for bar charts

Screen Snapshot