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Dupe Eliminator 11.0 for iTunes released

August 2, 2011

A new version of our very popular tools for iTunes Dupe Eliminator has been released.      Dupe Eliminator is used to smartly and safely find duplicates and missing file (links) in your library and cleans up your library.

Dupe Eliminator 11.0 for iTunes adds some news preferences (settings) for startup:   full-screen or windowed and auto-scan on startup.   The preference setting for ‘Song to Keep as the Original Track’ has been moved from the very bottom to a much more useful place after ‘Playlist to Scan’.

Additionally, a new minimal column view is available for display.    Two toolbar button that user do not really use and that take up valuable screen real estate have been removed: sync and iTunes.     iTunes and sync are very easy to get at as Dupe Eliminator automatically keeps iTunes running and minimized in the background.

The dupes duplicates tabs now display a no duplicate content graphic when there are no dupes, no movie dupes, no tv show dupes etc…