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PhotosShare photo and video sharing between iOS devices

October 31, 2015

Easily transfer photos and videos between iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices using Bluetooth with or without any network support. Additionally, can share photos and videos using services such as Facebook, Twitter and Email. Simply select or take photos or videos of the pictures to send then send to another iOS device. Can now select from photos and videos, photos only and videos only.   Also marks new photos and videos. The other device must be running PhotosShare and be in receive mode.   Also share to popular services such as Facebook, Twittter, Email and more

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iMapMe iOS app – lets you save and find your favorites places easily

October 31, 2015

Map your current location and use a wide variety of views for zooming in and out to get different perspectives.    Save any locations and load that location later to find it.

Find a specific address and map on your display, save any displayed location, load any saved location, get directions or distance from your current location to a loaded or found location.

Share the location information and map easily.   Default is to view using Apple map and can also view in Google maps, if desire. 

Use AirPrint to print the map information and details.      

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iMySystem iOS app – all the systems details for your device

October 30, 2015

Your system information at a glance.  Over 60 pieces of information covering the areas: System, Memory, Network, Location and Media information.    Any  area’s information can be copied to the clipboard for your own use.

You also can copy or share all of your System information.  NEW Network Speed for Network Information, New Photos and New Videos details for Media Information and SIM details for Device information.

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mText2Speech – Text to Speech Translation for over 90 Languages. Share Translations Now.

October 30, 2015

Easy text to speech processing with auto language translation — great for traveling or learning a language.  Over 90 languages.  Even share an MP3 audio file of the spoken text.

For iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.  Purchase once and use on all devices.       

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Easy, powerful text to speech processing with automatic language translation between over 90 languages. Great for traveling, learning a language or a quick translation. Translate and read text in natural sounding voices. Share audio using services such as Facebook and Twitter. Save translations, share MP3 audio of spoken translation, track your three most used languages and read all messages with language indication.

Powered by Google Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Google Translate.

Translations between the following languages supported: Chinese, French, German, Italian, English (all accents), German, Korean, Hindi, Bengali, Russian, Irish, Italian, Arabic, Greek, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish, Vietnamese and many, many more. Automatically detects the language of the text you entered and translates to your target selected language. e.g. if in US and enter Spanish text and target language is German, the app will automatically translate the text from Spanish to German. If in US and enter English will do translation from English to German, so very powerful translation capability.

Your 3 most used languages are available from side menu with your most used language first. This provides a quick way to access the languages you use the most as well as tracking the languages you use the most.

Read through all messages or start reading from a specific message. Excellent for tutoring on a language and presenting e.g. ‘In English’ this is the text and ‘In Spanish’ this is the translated text, ‘In English’ this is the text and ‘In German’ this is the translated text and so on.

All your translations are automatically saved and displayed in a familiar messaging format for easy access and control. Click the message at any time to display a popup menu for performing an array of actions. If the entered text had to be translated to the target country language you had selected, two message entries will be added: one for the original text and one for the translated text.

Automatic or manual text translation is available. If auto translation is on, text will be automatically translated from the language of the entered text to the target language. When using manual translation, you have to select translate to do the translation. If the text had to be translate then the original and translated messages are shown in your display.

Use the side menu to do mass editing of messages, read all messages, clear all messages, clear input, access Settings and Help and access your up to 3 most used languages.

You can read all message translations or start reading from a specific message translation. When reading, the language of the message is said first so you know what language the spoken text is in. e.g. In English, In Spanish, In Korean, In German, In Chinese.

The Speaking Notepad allows you to test and hear multiple line translations and, if desired, use the text in your main display.

Use when you are on travel or anytime to learn Spanish, French, German or any other language. Enter words or phrases to translate and see and hear the translation. Share an MP3 audio file of the translation if you like.

Enter any number of messages to say in the built-in voice and they are collected in a user interface similar to an SMS client. Use a default voice for your location locale or choose a language to use.

Share an MP3 audio file for the entered text using MMS, Facebook, Twitter, Email and other services.

Play back, sharing, removing, copying of already entered messages can be done by clicking on the message, reading all messages from a specific message and selecting from the popup menu.