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iSnapVideo iOS mobile app

May 6, 2014

iSnapVideo is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create beautiful Vine-like videos of any length in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see. Stop-start, tap-and-hold Vine-like video recording with any number of recordings.

Apple App Store


Tap-and-hold to start recording and release when want to stop recording. Repeat to append additional video and finish when done recording.

Play, save or share the created video. Share using a text message, Email or Facebook. Save video to your Camera Roll. Share with other apps that process video.

If desired, you can automatically start creating the video when the app is opened. Universal mobile app for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch.  Buy once and use on all your devices.

CoffeeFind for Starbucks iOS mobile app

May 6, 2014

CoffeeFind locates the nearest coffee shop near you or any location in the world. Just launch the app and see your nearest coffee shop or search for specific address.

Apple App Store


• Find coffee shops, directions, coffee shop hours and amenities around you.

• Coffee shops nearby are shown on a map with pins. • On map can move to new location search from there. • Shows distance from your location (or a location you choose) to any coffee shop. • Shows coffee shop name, address, current status (open or closed) and phone number. • On the iPhone, selecting the phone number will make a call to the coffee shop. • Open coffee shop location on Apple Maps, Google Maps, Bing Maps or Waze and get directions. Use Share icon to get directions or share. • Search locally or around the world for any coffee shop you want. Includes almost 21,000 coffee shops in 63 countries.

Universal mobile app for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch.  Buy once and use on all your devices.